Tetris Technique Movers are now happy to provide you with cleaning services to complete your move from start to finish...
Tetris Cleaning Service will provide you with all of the final touches you will need to complete your move, whether you are wanting your home to have a detailed clean before you move in, or the final clean once you move out. We will provide you with these services. We have recently added Tetris Cleaning Services to our list of services to complete all of our customers needs.

Tetris Cleaning Services will provide the frequency that fits your schedule and interest. We will do Clean In's, Clean out's, One time clean, Weekly Clean, Bi-weekly Clean, Monthly Clean what ever your need may be. Allow us to provide you with our great professional services. Rates may be added as an addition to your move or Charged on a separate bill .This is completely up to you.
Cleaning Rates are completely separate from your moving services, although they can be added to your moving bill. Our Rates are based on the size of your home, frequency of clean, level of clutter types of floors being serviced and any additional request that is not included in our basic/deluxe cleaning service that we provide. You will find a list of our Basic/Deluxe cleans,Other Services that we provide and Our Rates on the "Cleaning Rates" page of this website.

We also offer...
*Free Estimates                                *Guaranteed Satisfaction
*Discounted Package Deals             *Client References
*Budget Plans                                   *10+ years cleaning experience
*Flat Rate Services                           *Professional, Friendly and Trusting employee's
*Packing/Unpacking                          *Organization
*Disposal of any unwanted items (furniture, clothes)
Tetris Cleaning Service
Throwing the stress away and completing your day...