This Agreement made this _______ day of ___________ 20 ___, By Tetris Techniques and _______________________ (client) is to agree upon consideration that the arrangements being made for the said move is to successfully be completed on the _______ day of ___________ 20___, and all payment arrangements are to be paid in full at the completion of the move from the truck into the new Residence and/or Business. We at Tetris Techniques are agreeing to complete the move, 
From: (Starting Address) __________________________________________________________________
To: (Destination Address) __________________________________________________________________ with extreme care and successfully deliver with no problems between the time of transporting. Also to be discussed with __________________________(client) any extra labor and/or needs for the said move which are follows: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
All payments to be collected are as follows: 
Hourly wage at $ ______ a hr. from _______ am/pm to_______ am/pm __________ total hrs.
 With the total of $ __________ and/or the set rate at $__________. Also adding any extra labor cost of $__________ 
BALANCE DUE $ _________ 
This General Contract is to assure that both parties have a successful move. If for any reason the move is unsuccessful we agree to fix or repair the item or items and/or replace @ $1.00 per lbs. per item all payments are due in full before insurance applies. Tetris Techniques will not be held responsible for Mechanical Conditions with any appliances or electronics (washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, pianos etc…) during the moving process all said and like said items must be secured and ready to move, all particle board items are also to be secured and will not be replaced at Tetris techniques expense. If there are any other large or fragile items that the customer has concern about it is to be discussed and written out as extra labor on this contract. By signing the said contract both parties agree to all arrangements made and specified in the General Contract.  
The above contract is for the said move and is to be signed before any of the services are continued:
 __________________________ (Client) ______ (Date)
__________________________ (Movers) ______ (Date)
The said move has been completed and both parties agree that the move has been successful and have done a walk through at both properties being that all services have been met and completion has been delivered with no problems or dissatisfactions between both the customers and the movers.
By signing this General Contract I _____________________ (client) do agree to all terms and also agree that the move was successful.
*________________________ (Tetris Technique’s mover)
*_________________ (Date)
*_________________________ Client) 
*__________________ (Date)

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